Letter from the President

In order to implement the Education Policy of the Socialist Republic of Vietnam, and with the desire to bring equal learning opportunities to all levels of students in our society, the Indochina International Education Development Group (IED Group) was formed incorporating the following member bodies: Institute of Accounting and Business Management (IABM), Indochina College, Western Australian Primary and High School, South Western Australian English Centre, Western Australian Kindergarten, Maths Talent, Indochina International Centre for Study Abroad, and Vietnamese-German Centre for Language Training and Human Resource.
Since its establishment 10 years ago, the IED Group has continually developed, constantly risen up, and has overcome many difficulties and challenges to create higher standards and professionalism in teaching and in Vietnam. Since being established, there have been more than sixty thousand students who taken part and have successfully graduated from many of our Beginners, Intermediate, College, and Postgraduate courses. With our continual investment to constantly upgrading our facilities, modernising our equipment to meet the ever changing educational standards, we continue to attract more students into our “IED” education system.

Following the success of the past 10 years, and with the goal to become one of the leading international education groups in Vietnam in the future, the IED Group will continue to improve the educational quality of our course programs at all levels by applying advanced teaching methods delivered by skilled and experienced teaching staff. In order to meet the requirements of an international education system the IED Group has an on-going policy of seeking collaborative arrangements with foreign educational institutions through which international qualifications, such as diplomas, degrees and a variety of courses can be offered to our students under the umbrella of the IED Group.

Finally, the IED Group always welcomes cooperation and collaboration with reputable domestic and foreign educational institutions. The IED Group sincerely acknowledges the dedication and effort of all our teachers, staff, and above all, the support and trust of the parents, and students, who are opened to new learning opportunities and new intellectual horizons, in order to contribute to the sustainable development of Vietnam and mankind.